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The Cleaning of Spaces releases stagnant energies and invokes purity, joy, vitality, and high vibration in living spaces.

These ceremonies have an ancestral precedent, and they managed to attract harmony to the structures, this was used to instill peace, achieve balance. At present these methods are used to clean homes and also commercial spaces, eliminate negative energy and establish that your home or business is filled with the manifestation of the spirit, and the divine light.

Many times the spaces can be contaminated with energy, negative events that lead to emotional discord or by not being able to achieve business, or not being able to sell a property.


Clutter is a disruptive energy that blocks the flow of energy in a space. We also consider that some spaces have unwanted visitors, who should not be occupying the place but for some reason there was a door that allowed them to enter and this can cause discomfort in the inhabitants of the house without them being able to identify the true annoyance or problem.

Luminata Inner Peace therapists offer you a deep and intensive energetic cleansing of your home, or commercial space. In this way negative influences are eliminated, transmuted, unwanted visitors are worked with, spaces are re-programmed for positive conditions, happiness, success, optimal health and love.

We are trained in the healing and cleansing of energies through Shamanic rituals, energy movements, vibration rituals, and many more, depending on the need of your space. 


Cost of the Service (depending on the size of the space)


1 hour of energy cleaning $ 111.00 (Calgary Area)

Outside of Calgary it is increased depending on the locality, any consultation write us for more and detailed consultation.

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