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REIKI is a Japanese term that is used to describe a therapeutic system originally known as Usui Shiki Ryoki or Usui method, named after its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is based on the experience with the energy that emanates from ourselves.

The Riki is an energetic healing system that uses, spiritually directed, living energy, it is an essential instrument of self-knowledge and personal transformation, not invasive, it is a wonderful complimentary system of self-healing and/or self-help.


   "A practice that not only cures the external, the physical suffering, but also the internal suffering and the loss of humanity"


Cost of the Service:

60 min $111



*Shamanic Energy* 

Drum healing is a method of healing and connection with the whole, it is sacred and powerful.

And the sound of the drum alters the central nervous system, the sound of the drum contains various frequencies of sound, allowing our brain to enter a healthy Alpha frequency allowing to reach large-scale vibrations, this combined with the energy transmitted by Reiki, make of this therapy a deep and highly effective therapy.

60 min (one Therapist) $122 

60 min (two Therapist $ 220





Meditation is the practice of achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. In this therapy we begin with directing you with a guided meditation that allows you to leave the thought and connect with your inner being for your healing, combined with the Reiki energy treatment you obtain a deep spiritual state and promote healing from the depths of the situation you are living. 

For Meditations we do through Zoom and Facebook live. We work on donations for this Workshops


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