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Being a life Coaching has been the greatest happiness and advancement in my life. Based on my own personal experiences, I decided to undertake this service for the community, based on the fact that, like me, many other people require help and motivation to advance in this wonderful journey that we take on this planet. And for everyone this trip is different, for some, it is easier for others not so much. For this reason, I offer my services and knowledge to help you on this path, also based on shamanic therapies.


Let me help you improve your relationships with others, your career, and your daily life.

I will help clarify your goals and identify the obstacles that are holding you back.

The result will be to maximize your strengths and be a partner who is willing to listen and fight alongside you.

Let's walk together, and look beyond our own borders and everything will be lighter. Namaste

Cost of the Service:

The first interview is free and there will be a discussion in your treatment

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